Dapperly Disheveled: John Varvatos Fall 2013

John Varvatos, Detroit-born menswear designer (and rock aficionado—he built his flagship store inside the legendary punk-club ruins of CBGB), unveiled his latest collection over the weekend in Milan. Expanding on the brand’s core aesthetic of English dandy meets NYC snarl, next Fall’s clothes seem to explore references that reach even further, resulting in a vibe that spans time, geography, and works of fiction. One song remains the same: As dressed-up as Varvatos’ gents get, one always gets the impression they can hold their liquor…and hold their own in a dark alley.

Boardwalk Vampire. Part prohibition-era Buscemi, with a drop of Bram Stoker. Varvatos’ razor-sharp tailoring goes shady and sinister.

Oxblood & Ink. Whereas Jil Sander’s color pops are primary, Varvatos’ are muted and moody.

Young Guns. Weathered textures, cocked brims and beat-up boots took a left-turn from East Coast to Wild West. (Click images to enlarge.)



…And watch the complete Fall/Winter 2013 runway show
at the official John Varvatos YouTube channel.


[First three photos courtesy of John Varvatos. Individual looks courtesy of GQ.com.]

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  • Celeste B's Customer January 15, 2013, 8:27 pm

    I like the work-like capped boots. They’re a good juxtaposition of basics and what looks like a suede high sheen center leather.

  • Himanshi March 1, 2013, 3:35 pm

    I interviewed John Varvatos for Debonair right before Fashion Week and he was gracious enough to respond to my questions. It’s amazing what the man has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. His menswear has really struck a nerve in America and the brand is still expanding at a rapid pace. His story is truly inspiring.

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