Editor’s Pick: Band of Outsiders’ Perfect Pocket Tee

Plain-white T-shirts hold a special place in our heart, and there’s nothing like a graphic tee for evoking a mood—but when it comes to a summer staple that’s at once subtle yet expressive, a pocket T-shirt really is the best of both worlds.

As always, L.A. brand Band of Outsiders finds ways to take a time-tested artifact of the menswear milieu and make it memorable. Keep reading to see why their colorblock pocket tee caught our eye.

Polo shirts are a Band of Outsiders staple—a fact that’s subtly alluded to by this T-shirt’s grey pocket cut from textured, piqué-weave cotton (the stuff classic polos are made of).

Not too tight and not too loose, this rounded crew neck is classic—worthy of the second looks its contrasting color is apt to attract.

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We do our best to be decisive around here—but a second B.O.O. summer essential beckoned us from the sales floor.

The rear view of this polo shirt’s collar shows a clear division of right brain and left brain.

Look closely. See that subtle stitching? Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg calls this a “trapped pocket.” The epitome of sartorial irony, it reflects his hypothesis that no one really uses the chest pockets on most polo shirts—and yet they remain, a vestigial holdover akin to your appendix. Read a full Q&A with Sternberg here.

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