Fall Layers for Band Practice & the Bar

Our guest editor Thig Nat (right)—a polished professional by day, hip-hop musician and talented photographer by night—possesses an innate sense of style that shines through on the microphone as much as it does in his personal appearance.

Keep reading for a look inside Thig’s creative process as his band, The Physics, heads back into the studio—and to see his favorite fall items that work as hard as they play.

A few words from Thig: “2014 has been a good year for The Physics. We released Digital Wildlife, followed by a crazy spring and summer festival season with performances at Sasquatch, Fremont Solstice Music Fest, Timber Music Fest and a handful of college shows. With summer over and fall officially here, we recently got back in the studio to get started on the next project.

“I imagine a lot of artists have a clear vision for their projects before they get started—what it will be called, what they’ll talk about, who they’ll collaborate with—but we never do. We get in the studio, talk about concepts and ideas, listen to beats and start making songs. From then on, it’s a continuation of creating and being conscious about pushing ourselves until we have a cohesive collection of music.”

[Thig’s choice for an all-season sneaker: adidas Stan Smiths.]

“…Our studio, Purple Door, is located in the middle of downtown Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Some of our favorite restaurants, like Umi, Maharaja, Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, Rocco’s Pizza and Bedlam Coffee are just a block or two away. The studio itself is a lair, auspiciously dark with no natural light. It’s filled with synths, analog keyboards, mixing boards, instruments and inspiration along the walls. The best creative spaces I’ve worked in have usually been the ones that allowed me to work without distractions and stay in a creative mode, so this is the perfect home for us.”

Thig’s favorite fall items for work and play:

1) Shawl-Collar Cardigan. “My favorite cardigans are usually ones with a shawl collar. I love the simple and casual elegance of wearing one over a tee. This black rag & bone version [left] features a waffle-knit texture for a breathable and cozy feel, which is perfect for fall.”
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2) Sturdy Flannel Shirt. “Flannels are a big staple for me. It’s an easy piece you can wear across all seasons, but always works the best in fall and winter. Here’s Justo [Thig’s bandmate and producer] sporting a lightweight cotton-flannel version. You can wear it with anything, as he does here with some sweats and a henley underneath.”
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3) Varsity Jacket. “This Jack Spade varsity [right] is a more contemporary take on the classic, styled with a contrasting ribbed collar and hem. The herringbone wool blend gives it a rugged feel, while the slim fit keeps it looking sleek.”
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—  —  —

With his inpiration radar turned to 11 as his band gets back to recording,
we asked Thig to rattle off a few favorite tracks as of late:



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[Photos by Sam Fu.]

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    Love the shawl cardigan, nice tracks….good luck with the music! G0 49ers!

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