Father Knows Best: Vintage Dad Pics, Pt. 2

With Father’s Day in less than a week, we’re back with another round of vintage dad pics collected from our own colleagues right here at Nordstrom HQ.

There’s still plenty of time to pay homage to the dads and grandpas in your life with a great gift (shop our Top 25 here). First, though, take a moment to look back at some of our favorite fathers—in all their Bug-driving, Coors-sipping, Pendleton-wearing glory. And definitely catch up on our first batch of vintage dad pics in case you missed it.

They Were Renaissance Men. “Dad was born in ’49, so I’d say the photo with the four boys [up top] is from ’64 or ’65. He’s still good friends with at least one of those guys. The VW Beetle (his first car!) was ’67 or ’68. I don’t know much else about them except that my dad is awesome. He’s part mountain man, part Renaissance Man (literally—he has an art booth at the Maryland Renn Faire). He will hike 20 miles, fix your sink, then write you a poem. He is also an artist (mostly wood and 2-D materials, but also leather, ceramics, you name it), and thanks to working as a landscape foreman for his brother’s company for the past 30 years, he’s 63 years old and still pretty much has a 6-pack.”
—Sarah Kilgore, Web Designer

They Appreciated Quality. “This is from the early ’80s when we lived in Alaska. He always wore Pendletons.”
—Deniz Anders, Topshop Director

They Set the Bar High. “I think this is in the early ’60s or late ’50s. Apparently it was taken in the class he was teaching in Seoul, Korea. And yes, unfortunately I didn’t get any of his genes.”
—John Choe, E-comm Design Manager

They Embodied the Term ‘Southern Gent.’
Top: “My grandpa Barney and dad, Big Rand (Randy), at what we Virginians refer to as ‘The University’ (UVA), their alma mater.”

Left: “A boarding school-era Big Rand, circa 1964 or ’65. He attended one of the older Virginia boarding schools, Episcopal High. School ties, indeed.”

Right: “Big Rand on the porch of our built-in-the-1700s Civil War-era farmhouse, Rosedale. It’s where he grew up. I’m guessing the photo is late ’80s early ’90s? Anyways, it’s been our vacation home since I was a kid. In reference to his wardrobe and choice of beverage, let me just say: The man has taste, and he passed it on.”
—Lily Wyckoff, Social Media Manager

They Were Sideburned Seafarers. “That’s my dad John and mom Nancy, 1978, on our trawler boat. We were in the Edmonds Yacht Club and ironically were ‘Yacht Club Family of the Year.’ We used to spend every summer, all summer, on the Puget Sound in that boat, up to the San Juans, Vancouver Island and the surroundings.”
—Scooter Churchill, Campaign Project Manager

They Made a Good First Impression. “I’d say this was 1986; my dad, Abbas, in Rhode Island where we’re from. He’s Iranian and had only been in the states seven years or so, but clearly a real fashion plate! He was an engineer at the time, and always cared about the way he dressed and carried himself. It’s very important in his culture, especially to make a good first impression, which you only get a chance to do once, as you know! He still is super stylish to this day. He always has it going on! The only thing missing from this pic was his signature Kangol newsboy cap and classic Ray-Ban aviators—but maybe not both at the same time!”
—Naheed Hadjisoffi, Fashion Stylist

They Took the Cake. “My parents’ wedding—August 28, 1983. On their wedding day, the cake was never delivered. My grandparents were friends with the sheriff in Salt Lake City, so they called him to have them open the bakery to get the cake.”
—Kelsey Tyler, Men’s Site Merchandiser

They Grabbed Life by the Handlebars. “My dad on a motorcycle, circa 1968. Probably good to crop out the carpet behind it. Haha.” [Fat chance, Lynn. The carpet stays.]
—Lynn Frauenholz, Web Designer

They Saw the World. “This is my dad in Morocco, 1972-ish. Pretty classic shot, my brother had it blown up poster-size. Check out his Easy Rider moccasins. I’ll have to tell you the rest of the backstory on that one over drinks sometime…”
—Julia Hibarger, Men’s Site Merchandiser

They Loved Every Minute.
Left: “Grandma bought that diner in 1967, in Montauk, Long Island, and I would guess this pic was taken that summer. That would make Grandpa 48 and Grandma 46 (they look pretty damn good, eh?). It was like an old McDonald’s type of place. There was no indoor seating. People had to park, come in to the counter and order their food to go. The sign pretty much tells it all. We also sold milkshakes and great ice cream sundaes.”

Right: “The other shot is you at 6 weeks, and Grandpa is 63. It’s at their house in Palm Springs—your first airplane trip. Whatever that is behind Grandpa’s head makes it look like he has a halo.”
—Mom of Justin Abbott, Senior Editor, Men’s Shop Daily


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And don’t forget, Father’s Day is June 16.

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