Father’s Day Gift Picks: Senior Editor Justin A.

Wives, kids, domestic partners: Curious what gifts and activities your Man of the Moment might enjoy this Father’s Day? (It’s June 15, by the way.) In order to discern the complex goings-on that occur behind a dad’s stoic visage, we went straight to the source, asking several real-life family men here at Nordstrom HQ to offer notes on their personal style and parenting style.

Keep reading for a few last-minute dad-isms from Justin Abbott, Senior Editor of Men’s Shop Daily and Pop-In @ Nordstrom—who couldn’t resist, after seeing how much fun fellow fathers Jeremy, Bob, Yaro and Justin M. had with their recent Dad’s Day posts.

[Photos via Mr. Abbott’s Instagram.]


Name: Justin Abbott

Age: 32

Profession: Senior Writer/Editor/Internet Surfer.

Kids: One three-year-old human, one tortoise, one moss ball.

Favorite Thing About Fatherhood: I knew basically nothing about kids before I had one. The thing I was surprised (and relieved) by the most, right off the bat, was feeling an instant connection and understanding with the new tiny stranger who’s suddenly living in your house. As an only child myself, I’m glad to now have a new family member for life.

Least Favorite Thing: I guess I can be a person of extremes—I love loud music, but I also require some silence now and then to feel sane. Lately, this kid TALKS. NON. STOP. Blaming his mom for that one.

#1 Parenting Tip: Try to be someone your kid can admire.

Favorite Kids’ Show: I grew up on Transformers and Ninja Turtles, which CGI and Michael Bay are doing their best to systematically destroy. My favorite new cartoon is Adventure Time with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human—it’s like a post-apocalyptic medieval absurdist buddy comedy? Once Mason’s brain developed enough to understand what was happening, beyond moving colors and shapes, he started doing like, grappling moves to other kids at pre-school. So we had to stop watching it together.

Favorite Game/Toy: Legos were my jam. I derived immense pleasure from following the instructions down to the letter, to build epic space ships that moved and had lights and interlocking components etc. My spawn seems more into free-form Lego’ing, which I never understood. I guess he can’t be perfect in every way.

Go-To Kid Meal to Cook: I’m no chef, but I can grill a mean cheese. Gotta be crispy. The biggest challenge is getting the kid to commit to cutting it into rectangles or triangles. Get that part wrong, and you have to start the whole sandwich over.

Ideal Dad’s Day: I’m pretty easy to please. Wake me up (after 7:00, if possible) with coffee and donuts, and I’m a happy man. A family drive into some nature with Dad-approved tunes (and no complaints from the back seat, ahem) sounds good. Mason and his mom have been whispering to each other about some kind of secret plan, though—so I’m hoping for something hilarious and/or adorable to ensue.

Gift Picks:

1) A Solid Investment. As much as I want a BLK DNM biker jacket, this Shipley & Halmos number caught my eye because it nails two wardrobe staples at once: it’s a leather jacket, and it’s a bomber jacket. It’s cut so cleanly that I’d wear it as often with a crisp dress shirt and tie as I would with a worn-out concert tee. [Shop: Shipley & Halmos Leather Jacket | All Jackets]

2) A Slam Dunk. Working in a creative field, Chucks are casual but classic enough to be my default footwear on most days. There’s no conceivable point in time when a fresh pair would not be a much-appreciated gift. [Shop: Converse High-Tops | All Shoes]

3) The Gift that Always Fits. For the most part, I’m so picky (and not great at concealing lack of enthusiasm for a gift I’m unsure about) that a gift card is actually a fantastic, thoughtful gift—whether you’re shopping for me at the last minute or not. [Shop: Gift Cards]


4) A New Spin on a Classic. I was going to recommend the rather elaborate Led Zeppelin boxed set from 1990, which every dad should own at least two copies of (one to keep and one to pass down to his son or daughter)—but then, I realized that this new phase of deluxe re-issues of LZ’s first three albums just came out literally a few days ago. You’ll surprise all but the most obsessive fan by wrapping up one of these for Dad’s Day this year. Every Zep album is essential, but I grabbed the underrated Led Zeppelin III—which is known as being more folksy and acoustic, but also houses heavy gems like ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You,’ one of the most epic acid-blues freak-outs of all time. [Listen to Led Zeppelin]



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  • Derek June 29, 2014, 10:23 am

    How can I find those Nike’s!!!??

  • Justin, Blog Editor June 30, 2014, 9:18 am

    Hi Derek – those Nike Air Max Jacquard were found at a local Nordstrom Rack here in Seattle. Try checking a Rack near you, or check out similar Nike Jacquard styles here.
    Thanks for the question!
    —Justin, Men’s Blog Editor

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