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Ah, the open road. There’s almost nothing as attractive—especially when you’re scrolling through a smart phone app while waiting for your dental hygienist. Or your project manager. Or a stop light. Not that we condone app-surfing while engaged in the driving task but let’s just say we know from experience that it happens from time to time.

Whenever it is that you find yourself in need of a transportive fix, Iron & Air Magazine’s Instagram feed will hook it up. Gregory George Moore, Brett Houle and Adam Fitzgerald smartly repurpose and repackage great-looking original content from their Manchester, New Hampshire-based bi-monthly print and digital motorcycle lifestyle journal and serve it up in a swiftly moving stream of “bikes, autos, outdoor adventure, art, design, music and craft.” 

Should you find yourself actually transported to Iron & Air’s historical mill town home base near Boston, Moore and Fitzgerald recommend the vintage oddities at Modern Gypsy. They tell us there’s also a great speakeasy, but you’ll have to call them directly when you’re there if you want the details on that. For now, make your own martini and enjoy this brief conversation.

Preferred all-time social media platform: Instagram

If your Instagram feed had a go-to outfit, what would it be? From the bottom up: a nice American-made pair of boots, vintage or new, and some well-fitting denim, possibly Maple Jeans, Levi’s, or a pair of Norman Russell’s. A quality lightweight cotton tee, wool button down, and a simple wax cotton jacket. Think James Dean, driving a BMW 507 through the White Mountains to go meet up with Steve McQueen for martinis at the Mount Washington Hotel and a weekend of dirtbiking. Raw yet refined, youthful yet classic, and sophisticated but not snobby.

Weirdest/best/worst thing that’s ever happened because of a post: Actually Adam and Brett, our publisher and founder, met through Instagram. They had been talking via email and IG, and then one day Adam posted a photo from the circus and Brett realized they lived in same town, just a mile apart. So Iron & Air was essentially conceived on Instagram. We can’t remember where or when we met Gregory, our digital director; he just showed up one day and never left.

What’s your digital diet? What apps and gear do you swear by? Lots of Instagram, a little Facebook, and a dollop of Twitter. However, we swear by the deliberate effort involved to produce a printed magazine experience in this age. As much as we love digital we believe a healthy media diet is as reliant on unplugging as it is being connected. Balance your screen time with a walk through the woods, a ride through the mountains, or even just a face-to-face conversation with a stranger. It’s a beautiful world out there that can never be replicated no matter how many pixels your screen has.

We follow Whiskey Grade, Esquire, GQ, Hi-Fructose, Off-Screen, Monster Children, Surfers Journal, Meta Magazine, Dwell, Cabin Porn, Alpinist, Outside, Sidetracked, Silodrome, Pipeburn, and more … We’re pretty plugged in I guess.

As for gear we can’t live without: iPhone, the Fuji X100S, a strong cup of coffee and donuts.

If you could permanently retire one hashtag it would be: Any hashtag that is used in verbal communication. Cut it out and save it for the web. #knowwhatimean?

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