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Somewhere in the unfortunate march of patriarchy through time, “interior decorating” became coded to connote femininity–and while that aspect is not to be overlooked, New York City design group TRNK will be having none of that old-style binary thinking, thank you. The company’s Instagram feed is dedicated to demonstrating a masculine approach to caring about how spaces look, and styling them. Related lifestyle images flesh out the IG stream and make it one of our favorites for drawing inspiration for domiciles and all that happens therein.

If you were to encounter TRNK co-founders Tariq Dixon and  Nick Nemechek in Greenpoint, just north of Williamsburg, they’d take you to Paulie Gee’s for pizza, Ramona for bespoke cocktails, and Homecoming—a spot for coffee and botanicals for the home—and Ovenly for pastries the next morning. But as for their online lives …

The Thread: What’s your all-time favorite social media platform?
Dixon: Instagram, for sure.

If your Instagram feed had a go-to outfit, what would it be?He’d be wearing a navy wool top coat, an oxford shirt with a slim fitting sweatshirt, a pair of worn-in selvedge denim jeans, a vintage over-dyed Indigo scarf, and some beat-up work boots. The style is a mash-up of classic and contemporary. He wants to look polished, but still be comfortable, so he pairs some tailored items with things that are more distressed or casual. He throws in a vintage item for some depth and character.

Weirdest/best/worst thing that’s ever happened because of an Instagram post:
We do meet a lot of people on Instagram, and we sometimes conflate who we know through the digital and physical worlds. When you unexpectedly run into an Instagram friend in person for the first time, I always have to do that quick mental check–“Wait, have we for real met?” We actually met our office mate Ryan, who runs a magazine called Hello Mr.,  through Instagram. We didn’t end up meeting him in person for several months, but once we did, we knew each other well enough to practically live together.

Which apps and blogs are crucial to you?
For apps, VSCO, Venmo and Uber are definite game changers. For reading, we’re big fans of Cool Hunting, GQ’s blog and Artsy.

If you could permanently retire one hashtag it would be:
Definitely #selfie, including the act thereof.

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