Follow Up: The Well-Dressed Dad

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Norway’s Nicholas Johannessen is a senior civil engineer with an off-the-clock obsession: classic European men’s fashion. We’re feeling both his “proper blog” and his distilled Insta account.

Here’s our quick-fast Q&A with Johannessen, a glimpse into the digital life of the world’s well-dressed dads:

Nordstrom blogs: What is your exact job title, like, as it is on your business card, and how long have you had this position?
Nicholas Johannessen: Senior Civil Engineer, highway engineering, for 20 years.

Where are you based and what’s a restaurant/bar/record shop/park/art gallery/etc. we should visit next time we’re there?
I’m based in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway, and you should really visit the brilliant library in this old Viking town.

Preferred all-time social media platform?
Instagram. It’s fast, relevant and vibrant.

If your Instagram feed had a go-to outfit, what would it be?
Tweed, denim and brogues!

Weirdest/best/worst thing that’s ever happened because of an Instagram post?
The best thing is finding style-mates all over the world.

What’s your digital diet? What blogs, apps and gear do you swear by?
Besides Instagram and Twitter: Styleforum.

If you could permanently retire one hashtag, what would it be?
All. Hashtags in general are overused.

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