Front-Row at Michael Bastian Fall 2014

Next up on our New York Fashion Week menswear itinerary is upstate New York’s own pioneer in continuously redefining the term ‘Prep’: Michael Bastian.

Bastian’s new collection mixed Ivy League with the Far East (that’s an image from the runway show invitation above). Keep reading to see photos from the front row and behind the scenes by Faith Silva—plus a video of Bastian explaining the global mash-up in his own words.

Have a seat.

We see famous people. Expert stylist Bruce Pask, is that you?
Hey Jim Moore of GQ, how’s it going?

Last-minute preparations. There’s Bastian himself prepping a model (right).

Mood lighting. As far as fashion-show venues go, the Rubin Museum of Art is not too shabby.

Bastian is a master of odd but functional knit headwear (left).

Dapper show-goers. And now for the main event:

True to his East/West concept, Bastian redefines neckwear on this last, show-closing look.

The Fall 2014 collection, in Michael Bastian’s own words.

The man with the plan. Read our previous, in-depth Q&A with Michael Bastian here.


We hope you enjoyed this preview of Michael Bastian Fall 2014.
For now, check out his current collection.


[Photos and video by Faith Silva. Follow her on Tumblr and Instagram.] 

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