Gifted Giver: Jorge Valls

We’re counting down the crucial pre-Christmas shopping days with a series called Gifted Givers, in which friends old and new share their thoughts on stylishly spirited giving and receiving.

It’s one of our favorite Nordstrom success stories: Men’s Shop Fashion Director Jorge Valls started in the mail room and worked his way into the high-style world of buying and presenting the best looks for our stores and website. Should you assume, however, that his brain is dedicated solely to suits and boots, we’d have to point out that he’s also an expert on French and English lit. For a worldly, classics-influenced take on the art of style and gifting, read on…

The Thread: What would you love to give your partner this year?
The Valentino double monk strap shoe; it’s a very modern take on the traditional style.

What would you love to unwrap for yourself?
The Schott NYC Perfecto jacket; THE perfect, classic black leather jacket.

What’s your favorite splurge item in the Men’s Gift Collection, and what’s your favorite budget item?
If you can splurge, the Billy Reid Astor Coat is a great addition to any closet. It’s perfectly proportioned and goes well from casual to dress. On a budget, I would give either the practical yet beautiful Field Notes or the Levi’s socks.

What’s your advice for shoppers who have someone really puzzling on their list? How can we approach giving for those “hard to shop for” types?
I’m told I’m hard to shop for. I don’t think so because I find things to buy for myself all the time, but maybe that’s why its hard for others—I beat them to the punch! When you work in retail and see beautiful things all the time, it’s hard to stop yourself. People drop hints all the time, though, you just have to listen closely. Think about their interests and things they’ve talked about recently.

What’s your go-to host or hostess gift, either for a party or for a weekend or extended stay?
Diptyque candles are my go-to gift. They all smell incredible but my personal favorite scents are Feu de Bois and Baies. They come in various sizes and shapes, and you can buy a single or pre-packaged combinations, so you really can’t go wrong with them for any occasion.

Image by Mona Lee

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