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For the second season in a row, we’re counting down the crucial pre-Christmas shopping days with a series called Gifted Givers, in which friends old and new share their thoughts on stylishly spirited giving and receiving. New this year: the Pop-In@Nordstrom X Opening Ceremony Holiday Shop edition. 


Jon Moy is one of our favorite style writers. He’s got great taste, a voice like nobody else and best of all, this weird digressive approach where he’ll start writing about a jacket, and by the end of his piece have covered existentialism, city planning and the finer points of eating dim sum. We count on him for daily entertainment over at the menswear blog Four Pins.

Below you can find Moy talking about the benefits of eagles, eBay and cold, hard cash–and which single gift is perfect for all humankind.

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Nordstrom blogs: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

That’s a tough one. I’m very blessed to have a ton of really thoughtful gift givers in my life. Most recently though? My girlfriend got me a Neighborhood incense chamber in the shape of an eagle. It’s something I’ve always wanted but just would never buy myself. I mean, it’s a ceramic, hollow eagle that you burn incense inside of, who in their right mind would buy that for themselves?

Do you have a holiday shopping strategy? Do you make plans and spread sheets, or fly by the seat of your pants at the last possible minute?

I’d love to say I’m super organized and always plan ahead. But the only reason I ever have an idea of what to buy anyone in my life is most likely because of my job. I spend the whole year basically shopping. So normally something will catch my eye and make me think of a particular person and boom, shopping’s done. Thankfully I’m socially awkward enough to not maintain a large group of friends so I don’t really ever have to do a ton of shopping.

What’s the weirdest or most extreme thing you’ve ever done to create or secure the perfect gift?

One year I got into a pretty aggressive bidding war on eBay for an obscure book. I wouldn’t leave the computer until I won the auction. I won, but then the seller bricked the shipping and it wasn’t delivered in time for the holidays. You read that right. I just said the most extreme thing I’ve ever done to secure a gift is to click a mouse a whole bunch of times.

What is “the perfect gift,” anyway? What makes for the ultimate in giving or receiving?

I think it just comes down to really knowing the person you’re shopping for. Thoughtfulness is key. The best gifts aren’t necessarily the ones on your list. The best gift is something you’d never think of yourself. Or cash. Cash is always a great, thoughtful gift.

What would you get for your BFF?

Timberlands. Guy, girl, young, old, a pair of wheat Timberlands is perfect for anyone. Even if they already own a pair, I don’t know anyone who would be bummed about having a second pair of Timberlands.

Feel free to allow us to alert your friends and family in this very public format: what would you love to unwrap this year?

This is gonna sound super cheesy, but honestly I don’t really want anything other than for everyone to be happy and healthy for another year. That, and like a duffel bag of cash. That would be pretty dope.

Shop: Pop-In@Nordstrom X Opening Ceremony Holiday Shop

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