Girls + Gear: Vincent Tsang

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They gave birth to you. They’ve confused, eluded, fascinated, and possibly frightened you. Chalk up one more reason women are in charge: They look better in your clothes than you do.

What is it about a girl in guys’ clothes? It’s a bonafide phenomenon, if fervent reblogs across the web are any indication. Is it the notions of chivalry it evokes (the kind that peaked in that golden age of romanticism, the early ’90s)? The juxtaposition of hard lines and soft features? Maybe it’s the complex brain-chemical reaction that occurs when realizing a lady who ties a sharper four-in-hand than you could probably crush you in the boardroom as well.

Or maybe it’s simpler than all that: Guys like girls. Guys like cool clothes. Combine the two and you’ve got men’s-blog gold: aka the dopamine-firing alchemy of I Wish They Made This For Girls, an ongoing photo series by Vincent Tsang.

Inspired by female friends complimenting his admirable wardrobe, Tsang’s photos seem to represent all that’s right in the world. Let’s stop over-analyzing and just enjoy. (And, if you’re compelled to recreate the scenes above, use the shopping links to find some new favorite gear that your wife or girlfriend is likely to swipe.)


Photos ©Vincent Tsang. View his portfolio and follow his blog: On & Beyond.

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