Give Her a Watch—and a Dog to Match

If your wife’s, girlfriend’s, mom’s or daughter’s stocking is still looking a tad light, an impeccable new timepiece will weigh it down (with positive Christmas karma) in no time. Especially if said timepiece is properly matched to her personality, a feat which our Women’s Watch Gift Guide accomplishes quite concisely—and with the help of nine stylish canines. Keep reading for tips on which watch (and which dog!) the woman on your gift list is most compatible with.

But first, the outtakes [click images to enlarge]:

Tonka • Clancy • Manny • Bebe

Luc • Dale • Jam • Manny

Julia • Bo • Tonka • Luc

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Because the only gift better than a new watch is a new watchdog, we enlisted the advice of Taryn Hayes, General Manager at Citydog! Club near our headquarters and flagship store in Downtown Seattle. While we’re serious that a dog could be an amazing Xmas gift, it is most certainly NOT a decision to be taken lightly. A few initial points to consider:

A) A dog is a lot of responsibility. (Yes, we sound like your mother, but we mean it.) Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

B) Women love accessorizing. Consider a watch for her, and a rad leash for her new sidekick. (These also make a great “symbolic” gift, if you’re getting her a dog but still finalizing the arrangements.)

C) You can’t pick your kids, but you can pick your canine. You’re basically buying a new roommate—so choose a breed wisely based on Taryn’s advice below:

Breed 1: French Bulldog. “Small dog, big personality! Great for someone who can handle a high-energy dog, but doesn’t want a large breed. Great apartment dogs who benefit from lots of activity and exercise.”

The Matching Watch: Michele. Customized. Eye-catching. Luxurious.

Breed 2: Afghan Hound. “Afghans are a rare breed, not seen very often in normal life. They can be a bit aloof and would probably be best with someone who can spend a lot of time and money on their grooming. Usually best in a family without children.”

The Matching Watch: Michael KorsElegant. Everyday luxe. Travel-ready.

Breed 3: Weimaraner. “Great for families and singles alike. Weimeraners are very bonded to their human, so it’s important to get them socialized young so that they don’t develop separation anxiety. They are pretty active in their younger years, but more of a couch potato later on.”

The Matching Watch: Burberry. Worldly. Heritage-conscious. Iconic.

Breed 4: Boxer. “Bundle of energy! Boxers are great family dogs when they’re exercised properly. Best for someone looking for a running or hiking partner.”

The Matching Watch: Kate Spade New York. Whimsical. Quick-witted. Ladylike.

Breed 5: Saluki. “Another breed rarely seen in everyday life. They are runners and need lots of exercise! Like most hounds, they can be a bit stubborn and benefit from extensive training.”

The Matching Watch: Movado. Sleek. Ultra-modern. Innovative.

Breed 6: Airedale. “Airedale terriers are very intelligent and work well with a family or single person. Training is highly recommended starting at a young age. They can be a bit stubborn but respond very well to training.”

The Matching Watch: Nixon. Sporty. Hyperfunctional. Street-smart.

Breed 7: Boston Terrier. “Great for families or singles. Boston terriers adapt very well to all types of environments and are very social. They have lots of puppy energy for their first few years, then tend to mellow out and make a great companion animal.”

The Matching Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Playful. Quirky. Citified.

Breed 8: Miniature Pinscher. “Min Pins make a great companion for adults looking for a low-maintenance dog. They are pretty stubborn, therefore difficult to train. Not the best with kids.”

The Matching Watch: G-Shock. Tough. Tech-forward. Urban cool.

Breed 9: Border Collie. “Great family dogs. They are very active and love to have a ‘job’ to do. I would recommend a Border Collie for an active family or someone who wants to do agility or flyball classes.”

The Matching Watch: Shinola. Clean. Classic. All-American.



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