Go Green (and Black and Tan) for St. Patrick’s Day

We dug up the vintage pub signs above on Ye Olde Internette, but whether you’re here in our hometown of Seattle or residing in the Mother Country, we’re betting your plans include a favorite Irish pub for this Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Avoid getting pinched by winsome lasses at the bar (or don’t—whatever you’re into) with our favorite green gear from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop. Click each item to shop:

One of our Men’s buyers, Dan Drewes, took a moment to suggest some recreational activities for the holiday. Here’s how to branch out from the standard-issue stout, if you’re so inclined:

1. The Other Champagne of Beers. Guinness is the natural choice, but you can always opt for elevating the classic Irish stout with some champagne as a Black Velvet.”

2. Go Halvsies. “You can also go with the classic Black and Tan: a Guinness layered over some British Bass Pale Ale—or keep it Irish by layering it over a Harp Lager.”

3. Made by Monks.Smithwick’s is a good Irish red for a nice caramel-malty beer. Their story dates back to the 13th century.”

4. Across the Pond.Boddingtons is a good English ‘pub ale’ or pale ale to sip on if you’re not looking for something as dark as a Guinness—and is popular for the holiday despite its non-Irish roots.”

5. Irish Americans. “Plenty of American craft-brewers have tried their hands at Irish beers, too—like Victory ‘Donnybrook Stout’ out East and Moylan’s ‘Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale’ for us West-Coasters.”

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  • Ricky A. March 15, 2013, 5:11 pm

    LOVE to drink Black & Tans and will definitely be pub crawling on St. Patrick’s Day!

    Great shirt!

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