GQ Selects: Behind the Scenes

We’re genuinely excited to collaborate with the fine people at GQ, and for good reason: Simply put, they’re the best in the business.

That was never more apparent than at the NYC photo shoot for the first edition of GQ Selects a few weeks ago, during which the crew nailed the lion’s share of the day’s shots within the span of a single rainy morning—all while smiling, joking, debating the best regional surf spots, and generally acting like it was an average day at the office (which for them, of course, it was).

Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes pics below, and SHOP GQ SELECTS NOW for 12 handpicked favorites from GQ’s July issue.


First up on the shot list: a henley by Todd Snyder (named one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America, 2012) with Diesel jeans.


Veteran GQ stylist Brian Coats puts the finishing touches on a look featuring a Thom Browne shirtJack Spade bag and Prada sneakers.


GQ’s library of styling items is nothing to sneeze at—especially the lovingly obliterated Chuck Taylors they keep handy. (GQ receives a steady influx of “new” old pairs from staff and contributors. This particular pair came from the hair stylist on-set that day, Jordan.)


Lensman Eric Ray Davidson is a longtime GQ contributor. He’s shot some iconic pieces over the years, like this classic guide to buying a leather jacket.*


Getting the nonchalant pant cuff right: shouldn’t take more than five seconds. Brian had it in three.


Brian—who has styled some killer stories recently, like this guide to parkas and Portland—had a simple but precise signature look. V-neck tee, slim jeans, classic sneakers. (The tie is part of the job, not part of his look.) He arrived with a perfectly tailored black blazer, but quickly ditched it to get to work.


Instant gratification: The crew composited the final image as the day progressed.


Jordan’s gear was deceptively simple, too. All-white everything—tee, jeans, Chucks (a fresh pair after he thrashed the ones shown above). Accessories help rough up the squeaky-clean palette.


Someone spelled our name wrong (no ‘s’ at the end of Nordstrom, thanks)…that’s OK, though.


Long-time colleagues Tommy Fazio (left, Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director) and Jim Moore (GQ Creative Director) discuss the finer points of a shot.


The view outside the studio was not too shabby.


…The view from our hotel room that night was not bad, either. We’re already looking forward to our next trip out to New York for the July/August edition of GQ Selects.


[Individuals pictured do not directly endorse Nordstrom or products mentioned/featured. *Eric shot the on-figure leather jackets in said story. Kudos to Mr. Tom Schierlitz for the still lifes.]

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