GQ Selects: J Brand’s Slim Cargo

J Brand is a denim-based company that’s doing great things in the nondenim world. What I love about them is that Jeff Rudes, who owns the company, is obsessed with fit. He’s not interested in producing hundreds of styles, just a select few that have the most perfect fit. This cargo has a softness to it but still holds its shape. The pant is able to have so many design details, like buttoned pockets and seamed legs, because of the very slim cut that keeps a guy from looking like he has saddlebags. I think these are the best-fitting cargos out there right now.”

—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director

Each month for the next six months, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For our inaugural edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 12 killer items from the July issue. Check back every month for more.

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