GQ Selects: Ralph Lauren’s Modernized Fair Isle

“When I think of Fair Isle sweaters, I think of Polo by Ralph Lauren because Ralph is the master of taking something that is so traditional and making it contemporary and cool for the modern guy. Not only is this sweater cut a little bit slimmer, but the pattern has been recolored slightly from the super fusty, folkloric versions.

“It looks great with a shirt and tie; just remember to keep your underpinnings clean. We paired it with a pink shirt in the magazine for a preppy look, but it also can look incredibly modern when paired with grey flannel pants, a white oxford shirt and a pair of black loafers. I think we’re at a time in fashion where pieces that are a little bit ‘geezer’ look great again. So while this obviously pays homage to a classic Scottish Fair Isle, it still feels new.”

—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director

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For the second edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 16 Fall essentials from the August issue. Check back every month for more.

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  • Jim July 18, 2012, 7:10 am

    A product from Ralph Lauren, featured by GQ, and sold by Nordstrom should include more fabric information than “Wool”. There are lots of different types of wool; some wonderful and some not so much.

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