Greatest Hix: Outdoorsy | Throwback Thursday

In the 1970s & ’80s, Charles Hix was the style go-to for a growing audience of aspiring American gentlemen. His gentlemanly wisdom was on the pages of GQ Magazine and in his best-selling books. Hix’s advice has aged exceptionally well–so we’re peppering Throwback Thursday posts with some of his greatest styling and grooming hits.

hixoutdoors1Images by Herb Ritts from Charles Hix’s Dressing Right

When fall turns to a deep freeze, it’s time for city folk to take a few wardrobe cues from our mountain-man brethren. Don’t worry if you don’t know one end of an axe from the other–Hix has you covered.

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hixoutdoors2GREATESThix 4

A bad Wi-Fi connection probably counts as an ‘austere element.’

GREATESThix 3Even when the ‘Lumbersexual’ thing is over, the rugged will carry on.

–Stephen DeWilliam

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