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In the 1970s & ’80s, Charles Hix was an American gentleman who offered holistic, 360-degree gentlemanly advice. You could read him in GQ Magazine and in best-selling books, which gained him a loyal and stylish audience. His advice has aged exceptionally well–and so we’re peppering Throwback Thursday posts with some of his greatest styling and grooming hits. 

hixshaving1Image by Bruce Weber from Charles Hix’s Looking Good

Shaving is shaving right? You pull a sharp thing across your face and then the hair is gone. But lo, there are ins and outs and all kinds of ways you can go wrong. Hix has tips and here they are.

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hixshaving2How many of us are washing our blades in alcohol?

hixshaving3Probably the most eloquent explanation of why not to shave against the grain…ever. 

–Andrew Matson and Stephen DeWilliam


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