Halloween Mash-Ups: Apocalyptic Vampire Groom

As 1,000-year-old vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård always comes off as consummately evil in black leather jackets and a toothy smirk. He’s never looked sharper, though, than in director Lars von Trier’s arty end-of-the-world flick Melancholia, in which he plays a forlorn Kirsten Dunst’s pitiful groom in their awkward pre-apocalypse wedding.

For today’s costume idea, we’d like to add the bad attitude (and incisors) of the former to the dapper tux from the latter. Accessorize with incandescent fangs (because who wants regular ones once you’ve seen these suckers?) and some fake blood for dramatic effect. We might recommend a light spattering, rather than the full-on blood-soaked chin above—less likely to rub off on your date’s cheek at the end of the night.

Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords | Glow-in-the-Dark Fangs | Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo
Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo shirt | Gallon of Blood | Duchamp bow tie


True Blood Season 5 just concluded, but you can catch up on HBO GO.
Melancholia is available on Netflix


[Images: True Blood still courtesy of HBO; Melancholia still courtesy of Zentropa and Nordisk Film; Fangs courtesy of Oriental Trading; Gallon of Blood courtesy of Spirit Halloween. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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