Halloween Costumes You Already Own: Stylish Heisenberg

New sources are reporting a spike in Breaking Bad-themed costumes this Halloween—and with artist Nathan Peters documenting The Wardrobe of Walter White episode-by-episode in illustrated form, there are plenty of iterations to choose from.

If you forgot to pick up a haz-mat suit and gas mask ahead of time, here’s another costume idea—like our heavy-metal Ryan Gosling post yesterday—that you should be able to put together mostly from your own closet. Any beige bomber, windbreaker, or trucker jacket will work; and while the authentic pant option (unfortunately) is to go khaki-on-khaki, if you’re cool with your neighbors, you can try roaming the streets in Walter White’s infamous premiere-episode tighty-whities. High-quality, sky-blue Pop Rocks are the candy of choice.

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Editor’s Picks to Get the Look:

Burberry Bomber Jacket | KW Glasses | Goatee from your local party store | Rag & Bone Hat
Clarks ‘Wallabee’ Boots | Blue Pop-Rocks | Nordstrom Cotton Briefs


Side Note: We all know these guys are 10x more stylish off the screen, so if you’ve got a killer suit, some stacks of Monopoly money—and maybe some fake blood for holiday-appropriate flair—red-carpet Walt or Jesse are entirely viable options.

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  • LV in dahouse December 14, 2013, 5:31 pm

    The photo of Walter shows him in a black bomber jacket, something you missed?

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