Cyber Monday Sale Picks: Gifts for You & Her

As we near the year 2014, “cyber” is kind of a hilarious word. It tends to conjure visions of Web 1.0—like the bulky hardware and earnest yearnings for virtual reality in this classic, mid-’90s Aerosmith video. (Hey, if it lets you make out with Alicia Silverstone on a moving motorcycle, who’s arguing? Wait—is this where Kanye got the idea for that new video?)

Anyway, while the terminology may be antiquated, the application—Cyber Monday—is nothing to laugh at. Keep reading to see our Editor’s Picks for you, as well as the Silverstone on your list (with December upon us, it’s time to start thinking Christmas gifts, gentlemen).

[But first, a few of our favorite Cyber geeks—including the dude from Mallrats,
experiencing virtual-reality overload in the Aerosmith clip up top.]


Cyber Monday Sale Picks—For You:

L-R: Wallin & Bros sportcoat | Randolph Engineering sunglasses | AG Jeans ‘Matchbox’
Jack Black hair & body cleanser | Topman sweater

L-R: Wolverine boots | 7 Diamonds leather jacket | Herschel Supply Co. iPad sleeve
John Varvatos Star USA topcoat | Burberry chronograph watch


Cyber Monday Sale Picks—For Her:

L-R: Michael Michael Kors down jacket | Vince Camuto bracelet | Piper faux-leather pants
Nordstrom cashmere scarf | Hinge long-sleeve tee

L-R: Trish McEvoy eye collection | Cole Haan leather jacket | Frye boots
Free People sweater | Liebeskind leather backpack



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