Insta Gratification: Hong Kong, Day 1

A few key members of our creative team were in Hong Kong last week for Art Basel—soaking up culture, gathering inspiration, and snapping photos all the while. The pics here only represent the best of day 1, shot by graphic designer Gloria Chen. Check back soon for more photos from our team’s Hong Kong Instagram journal.

[Gloria’s caption for the image above: “Peter’s hair, day 1.”
Peter is another designer…with notable hair.]

Arriving in Hong Kong. | Cool product display.

Simple packaging of soy milk. | Vertical garden store front.

Hong Kong subway system. | Mail boxes.

The most expensive district in HK. | Lots of tall apartment buildings.

Adidas store. | Tuesday night at Lan Kwai Fong.

Tall and skinny streetcar. | Hong Kong landmark restaurant.

ICC Tower, Hong Kong’s tallest building. 118 floors. | That hair looks familiar.

World traveler, stellar designer, expert Instagrammer: Glo (bottom right).
Watch for more Hong Kong pics coming soon. 

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