How to Remix Your Suit

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Once you consider styling options, there’s no pressure to be in wedding or job-interview mode each time you wear your super-clean HUGO BOSS suit–or whichever suit you may have selected from Nordstrom’s many spring styles. Switch your style up, and watch the compliments pile up.

To help you feel empowered to remix your suit, our in-house Studio N stylist Brenna Carlson created three looks and offered her wisdom:

“Guys need at least two or three suits: navy, charcoal and black. Navy is huge this spring, and so is dressing down the suit. The technical term is casualizing. With these three outfits, I wanted to show the same suit three different ways. The first one is for a wedding or business meeting. The second one is dressed up, but not all the way. Polo shirts under suit jackets work perfectly. The last one, the most casualized, if you will, really emphasizes the dressed-down idea while taking it away from Miami Vice–you can do this with better style, slicker and more together. Stan Smiths drive it home. The navy-suit-and-white-sneakers combo looks extremely put-together, and throwing in one element of athletic gear makes you do a double take.”

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