Inside Filson’s Showroom and Headquarters

The IG bio for photographer A.J. Ragasa highlights a holy trinity of women, whiskey and menswear–which, OK, no complaints there. But we also find his photographic compositions geometrically intriguing, his portraits alluring and in general we appreciate his view of the world—for instance, his view of the headquarters and showroom of iconic outdoor Seattle-based brand Filson.

Check out the images here and get Ragasa’s take on the brand–which has arced seamlessly from crafting garments and accessories fabled for holding up over multiple generations, to outfitting those who cavort in the city.


Men’s Shop Daily: What did you know about Filson before you got the chance to go inside and photograph it?
Ragasa: I grew up hunting with my dad, so I always knew Filson. It was embedded in my head as synonymous with quality. As I got older, and was able to make conscious investments, I started to wear it for its fashion and longevity. The first Filson item I bought I actually purchased at Nordstrom. It was a Filson and Nanamica collab tote.


Filson Twill & Tin Cloth Backpack

Word. Tell us about your impressions of the Filson headquarters. Did anything surprise you or stand out to you?
Compared to their retail store, which feels much like you’ve walked into your grandpa’s cabin and is completely cohesive with their brand, their HQ definitely carries a more minimal aesthetic, in a good way. It’s huge; they have five showrooms that break up their product lines: staple products, upcoming seasonal products, and at the time I was there, Filson Restoration Department and Filson’s camera bag collaboration with National Geographic photographers. It’s been great to see Filson modernize their brand to stay relevant, but not lose their heritage.

Hero Hero

What’s the best Filson item in your personal collection?
I wear it every day: the tan Filson Short Cruiser in waxed tin cloth. I’m 5’ 6” and their stuff is cut more on the classic side, longer, but the Short Cruiser fits me perfectly. It comes waxed, but recently I’ve applied more for the season. They supply you with extra wax when you make a purchase. It’s pretty rad to see it change over time, giving it that worn-in look.


Filson Small Bifold Wallet


Filson Money Clip Wallet


Filson Medium Field Bag | Filson Medium Duffel Bag | Filson Tin Cloth Briefcase

Any of the Filson items on the Nordstrom site catching your eye right now?
The Filson ‘Guide Work’ Wool Blend Jacket. I have a few Filson pieces made of wool–the Mackinaw Cruiser gets a lot of use–but this is definitely going on my Christmas list. That old-school and contemporary look combined is my current style.

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Interview by Andrew Matson
All images by A.J. Ragasa

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