Inside Jack Spade’s NYC Showroom

You know how a lot of product crossovers are woefully misguided? Like green ketchup, or clear Pepsi? Then, there’s that rare individual who can do no wrong—one minute, his records are going multi-platinum; the next, he’s acting in Oscar-worthy films, hosting SNL every five minutes, and making out with Mila Kunis on-screen.

Well, Jack Spade is basically the Justin Timberlake of the menswear game. The brand started in 1997, selling durable bags (in hardware stores—a telling detail) that were the epitome of form-meets-function. Today, they produce a full line of apparel that’s every bit as ruggedly stylish as their cult-favorite briefcases and duffels.

We had a chance to visit Jack Spade’s showroom in New York recently, for a preview of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Check out a few snapshots below (click to enlarge):

…While you’ll have to wait a few months before the Fall goods above land online, you can pre-order items from Jack Spade’s Pre-Fall Collection right now. A few of our favorites are below—along with killer Jack Spade accessories that are available for purchase immediately. (Know your camo: That cool geometric motif on the card case is inspired by Swedish M90.)



…And check the launch date of more upcoming collections



[Showroom photos by Sunny Chang at Treasure & Bond.]

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