It’s Personal: Barb Penoyar’s All-White, Natural Light Portraits Pt. III

In this series, we talk to artists and designers about their most personal works and the projects that are closest to their hearts.


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Nordstrom photographer Barb Penoyar is back with the third installment of her series In/On White: portraits of models shot using 100% natural light. We remain psyched on this series.

Read about the origin of Barb’s “white period”–as it will be known by art historians of the future–and see round one here. Round two is here.

We caught up with Barb, who has a new website by the way, to ask about her new work:

“These portraits were shot over  a four-day period while we were shooting men’s complete looks. I am still enjoying the white on white set-up. As the sun moves from spring into summer, the quality of the light evolves and so do my challenges with it. It’s getting brighter now, but I’m still looking to create a certain softness.”


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