J Brand Challenge: More Raw Denim in Action

The deadline is drawing near for J Brand’s #TylerChallenge (in which Nordstrom employees all over America compete to break in their J Brand ‘Tyler’ Raw Selvedge Jeans as creatively as possible—and capture the process via Instagram).

Check out our first batch of #TylerChallenge pics here—and in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for the winner, who will get a chance to tour J Brand’s factory in California. In the meantime, here are our latest favorite images of J Brand’s raw jeans in action. (Check out many more on Instagram, under hashtag #TylerChallenge).

One of our Rail buyers (@Yellow_Govna, left) takes his J Brands high-low with wingtips and camo—while another Rail buyer (@DanDrewes, right) airs his out after a day of yard work.
[First image up top: @TamerlaneJunior, the legend continues.]

Kick flips and nose grinds are an effective way to loosen up stiff, raw denim (@NBozich, left). Jeans, T-shirt, Chucks—classic off-duty uniform with @Eric_Eugene (right).

We always appreciate women in menswear—and @OliveJuiceJay (left) does it with the best. Elsewhere, @SamuraiGeek accelerates the breaking-in process with a dip in a salt-water pool.

Two guys who are not afraid to put their J Brands to work: @SamuraiGeek rock-climbing, and @DanDrewes building a deck.



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