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jwandersontshirt1British designer Jonathan Anderson is a restless and vital spirit in the fashion world, always at work on several projects at once and bringing a slightly “off” sensibility which intrigues rather than alienates. You can sense him working to expand what’s acceptable and normal, while appealing to traditional aesthetics everyone understands.

We sell his nearly-genderless brand J.W. Anderson–currently in a spacey/nautical moment, as you can see by the t-shirt above (sold in-store only; inquire at your local Nordstrom). Anderson’s abstract mind is also on full display in the designs of Spanish luxury goods brand Loewe, for which he is creative director.

Lately Anderson’s been teaming up with Diet Coke and growing his namesake business into an art dealership by featuring the work of cult gay photographer Ian David Baker.

More hot links: Anderson’s Instagram is worth a follow if you’re ever in need of artistic inspiration. And if you decide to hit the shoppable links below, let us assure you: stepping out in J.W. Anderson this fall will make heads turn for sure, and gifting a Loewe bag is an unmitigated hero move.

Shop: J.W. Anderson |Loewe


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