Kanye West, Lou Stoppard and Two Hours of Your Life

kanywestshowConsider carving out some of your existence for this video interview, in which Kanye West–style influencer extraordinaire–speaks candidly with Lou Stoppard from SHOWstudio and British GQ for two hours, mainly about fashion and inspiration.

To pick one of many entry points for future argument, Kanye likens himself in the interview to Michelangelo and says clothes are sculptures:

“Fashion, clothes are sculptures. Wearable art.”

Shop: all camo

That’s a fine view about fashion from Kanye. But it’s 100% opposed to Steven Kolb’s–Kolb being President and CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who once told us: 

“It’s a creative business, but not as if you’re in a studio somewhere painting or sculpting for the purpose of self-expression.” 

So, how are we feeling about this disagreement? Clothes: sculptures or nah?

Or maybe we should reframe. Why do we seem bent on an art/not-art dichotomy for the definition of fashion when it could be that fashion is both simultaneously?

Discuss! The full video interview is after the cut. Bonus: click here for a hilarious condensed version.

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