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With this month’s all-menswear pop-in shop—Heartbreakers Clubabout to shut its doors this Sunday, we wanted to alert you to one of the shop’s more unique offerings while it’s still in stock: LPD New York.

A digital-age sensation that rose to recognition via the internet, LPD is highly divisive: Supporters consider the T-shirts and mesh jerseys (backs emblazoned with monikers and birth years of legendary fashion designers) to be a brilliant mash-up of the dualistically competitive and clique-y worlds of style and sport, while detractors (“haters,” if you will) cry glorified bootleg.

As equal-opportunity fans of both sports and fashion, we root for the former of those two teams—and see no reason why a Margiela jersey shouldn’t hang next to Larry Bird in our locker room, er, closet. Keep reading for a Q&A with LPD founder Benjamin Fainlight and creative director M O S E S™.

What does LPD stand for, and what does it mean?
“LPD stands for ‘Les Plus Dorés,’ the original name of the brand. It translates to ‘The Most Golden’ in French, which touches on what it means to be a young creative today, especially in New York City.”

What role did the internet play in launching the brand?
“It played a massive role. We started the brand on a Tumblr page and were bolstered by support from bloggers and online media outlets. Without the internet, LPD probably wouldn’t exist today.”

Why did you decide to make shirts with fashion designers’ names, in particular?
“We decided to make ‘The Dream Team’ shirts in an effort to make high fashion more accessible and direct, for fashion lovers who may not be able to afford a runway piece, but still want to show their support for the designer.”

What is the relationship between fashion and sports?
“Everyone wants to be a part of something, whether it’s a team, or a crew, or something else. Fashion and athletics both play off that desire, aligning people through their love for design or for a sport. They’re both about who you believe in, and what you stand for.”

What do you admire about each of these fashion designers?

Riccardo Tisci.
“Riccardo’s work is a favorite of ours because of his ability to hone in on what’s most relevant to our culture in this moment, and influence both high fashion and street culture.” [Editor’s note: Tisci is the creative director of Givenchy. We carry Givenchy menswear at selected stores.]
Shop LPD New York: Tisci T-Shirt | Tisci Jersey

Hedi Slimane.
“Hedi is much like Riccardo. He has a finger on the pulse of culture, just a different sect.” [Editor’s note: Slimane is the current creative director of Saint Laurent.]
Shop LPD New York: Slimane T-Shirt

Maison Martin Margiela.
Margiela is a favorite of ours because of [the house’s] desire to continually reinvent the wheel and come out of left field. They might be trendsetters, but they’re quintessentially anti-trend.” [Editor’s note: We carry Margiela men’s shoes at selected stores.]
Shop LPD New York: Margiela Jersey | Margiela T-Shirt

Rei Kawakubo.
“Rei is like the grandmother of fashion. She’s laid down the foundation for almost everything that exists in fashion now, totally revolutionizing the way clothes are made, designed, looked at, worn—or how the concept of ‘fashion’ is even understood nowadays.” [Editor’s note: Kawakubo is the founder of Comme des Garçons.]
Shop LPD New York: Kawakubo T-Shirt



Pop-In @ Nordstrom is an ongoing series of themed pop-up shops curated by Olivia Kim. A unique experience awaits you online and at selected stores. Our current Pop-In, Heartbreakers Club, is the first to focus exclusively on menswear.

On-figure photos by Andrew Waits, except last photo by Robin Stein. Primary model: Matt Drews.

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  • mohammad March 18, 2014, 1:31 am

    when will these products be availabe again?

  • Justin, Blog Editor March 18, 2014, 10:11 am

    Hi Mohammad, thanks for reading. Unfortunately we carried LPD in limited quantities only, as part of last month’s menswear pop-in shop, ‘Heartbreakers Club’. It looks like the Kawakubo and Slimane T-shirts are still available in limited sizes online, while they last!
    Justin, Men’s Blog Editor

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