Milan Fashion Week by Joshua Woods

See the shows and street style of Milan Fashion Week through the masterful photographic lens of Joshua Woods. Keep reading for the full gallery—including an up-close look at collections from Belstaff and DSquared2—see Josh’s London journal here, and watch for his dispatch from Paris coming soon.


A few words from Joshua: “At the Fall/Winter shows in Milan, I had a chance to get a closer look at what the Italians are all about, despite feeling a bit ‘lost in translation.’ However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that neither fashion nor style need a voice to speak; it’s universal language. As stated in my previous post, I’m a newcomer to the European fashion scene, so I was curious to know what Milan had in store on the personal-style front, as I’ve always been drawn to how well Italian men seem to put themselves together.”

From Joshua: “As I made my rounds and ventured on into the beautiful yet smoggy city, I was amazed by the beautiful buildings that stood hovering over me. I was very curious to know what existed behind many of the buildings’ closed doors, as I would often get a glimpse of the magical courtyards that were hidden inside.”

From Joshua: “As I began to jump from show to show, I couldn’t help but notice Milan’s famous landmarks, which held amazing visual power and elegance, very similar to the Italian sense of personal style. Making my way around town, I found myself at Duomo di Milano (“The Duomo” for short), the largest cathedral in Italy, which took nearly six centuries to complete. Never having seen anything so beautiful in my life, I couldn’t help but to hold back tears, as I was literally awestruck by the beauty.”

From Joshua: “Making my way to the Belstaff show, I was extremely excited to see what designer Martin Cooper, who’s known for crafting amazing outerwear pieces, had in store. Inspired by the 1960s trial races on the Isle of Man, Cooper displayed an array of shearling leather coats, thick knits, and my favorite: motorcycle capes.”

Backstage at Belstaff—coming to Nordstrom in time for Fall 2014.

From Joshua: “When I arrived at Dsquared2, it appeared that designers Dean and Dan Caten had been messing around in the yard. Not the front yard of your traditional house, but ‘yard’ as slang for being behind bars.”

“…With dogs barking and police sirens going off, the curtains opened, and there you had an entire prison display with two floors and inmates—or models, rather—stepping out of their cells, ready to walk the runway. The twin brothers brought to the yard some mixed-media coats, quilted shirts and bomber jackets that said ‘Caten’s Penitentiary,’ as well as their signature tailored denim.”

Dsquared2 [click images to enlarge]

“Thanks for following my journey throughout Milan. Stay tuned as I cover Paris Fashion Week next. Ciao ciao!”


The man himself: Photographer Joshua Woods.
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Check out Joshua’s London Photo Journal,
and watch for Paris coming soon. 

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  • pete c. January 19, 2014, 6:11 am

    great! very classic

  • Dennis January 21, 2014, 1:31 pm

    Great photos, awe inspiring , landscape, the fashion is wild. Can’t wait to see this next fall.

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