Monday at the Office: A Close Shave with Jack Black

After an inspiring World Series run by the Boston Red Sox, it’s clear that facial hair has the power to unite men (and women), overcome seemingly insurmountable odds—and look darn cool doing it.

…And with Movember now underway, we’re reminded of the healing properties of man-moss as well. However, unless your name is Tom Selleck or you drive a fire truck, chances are the ol’ lip-warmer will have to go at some point—and when it does, shaving is going to be a bigger job than usual. Although a quintessentially manly ritual, if you’ve ever used a lousy razor, you know shaving can also be a wincingly painful one. To avoid winding up frustrated (and/or bleeding profusely) post-shave, raise your razor game with the steps below.

[Even the best among us can use an occasional
refresher on proper shave technique.

Step 1: Lay the Foundation. Think of shaving like painting your house: The best results start with good preparation and attention to detail, so begin by washing your face to remove dirt and oil.

[In addition to a nice lather, you’ll need
a steady hand.]

Step 2: Lather Up. Our handsome forefathers didn’t get their lather from a rusty can in the shower. They used special brushes to apply their shaving cream, and to many, this time-honored method is still the best. Top-quality brushes are traditionally made from badger hair, but the experts at Jack Black have engineered a new shave brush bristle that outperforms the animal version—with the added benefits of being cruelty-free, long-lasting and ultra-hygienic.

[It’s not the size of the blade that
matters—it’s how you use it.]

Step 3: A Cut Above. Ditch drugstore disposable blades in favor of a serious shave tool. Jack Black’s German-engineered Double Edge Safety Razor has a sturdy design that will look sharp on your sink for years to come, an elongated handle for precise control, and a streamlined single-blade construction that glides smoothly for minimal irritation.

[Your after-shave should soothe, not sting.]

Step 4: Cool Down. Once you’re done, seal the deal with a light dose of moisturizer to hydrate, cool and protect your skin. (Yes, real men moisturize.)




[Red Sox video via ESPN; photo by Steve Mitchell for USA Today.]

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