Movember at Nordstrom HQ: The Aftermath

While cultivating mustaches for a good cause during the recently concluded month of Movember, our brave colleagues here at Nordstrom HQ may not have achieved a full Dali, Selleck or Hogan—but we’d say they put in a solid Kirk Hammett or two, and a definitive Young Colonel Sanders.

Keep reading to see final, pre-shave shots of a few of our participating Mo Bros—and read their tips for growing a mustache of your own next Movember (if not sooner; these things tend to grow on you, so to speak).


Words of Movember Wisdom—

…from Eric Yanez, Rail Buyer [top center]:
“As a first-timer, I recommend it. People take you seriously. My words seemed to have more power when backed by a mustache.”
Keeping it? “Yes, for another couple weeks. I’m enjoying it.”
Raised: $100 for men’s health.

…from Brian Ottesen, Project Lead [top left]:
Tips? “Embrace it, bring awareness, and raise some money. People all over the world suffer on a daily basis, and not only due to men’s health issues—so growing a mustache for a month is the least we can do.”
Keeping it? “I didn’t hit my goal this year, so I shaved it off at 12:01 on December 1st.”
Raised: $1,646 for men’s health.

…from Kellen Harris, Product Coordination [bottom left]:
Tips? “Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you grow a blonde mustache, sometimes a little color goes a long way.”
Keeping it? “Unfortunately not. I had to shave it to take some engagement photos.”
Raised: $90 for men’s health.

…from Ryan Sharp, Tailored Clothing Buyer [top right]:
Tips? “Mustache wax is key for taming the unruliness of a budding mustache. Life lesson: It’s not the size of the ‘stache, it’s how you maintain it.”
Keeping it? “I might, through Christmas. A mustache goes great with a holiday sweater.”
Raised: $350 for men’s health.


Congrats and thank you to Mo Bros everywhere.
Images up top courtesy of Movember website. Learn more about Movember.


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