Moves Like Jagger: Valentine’s Tips Pt.3

Bianca Jagger once famously celebrated her birthday at Studio 54 by being escorted in by naked, mustached dudes on horses. You don’t win over a girl like that with sweet stage moves (and epic hair, and lips, and groovy lapels, and an endearing British accent) alone. Rest assured, Mick knew how to plan a killer Valentine’s Day date. If your plans for this Thursday are still up in the air, take a cue from some of our favorite women around Nordstrom HQ (and note—sometimes all it takes is tacos and a song):

Courtesy of Lily W. – Social Media Specialist

GO: “The whole ‘reservations-months-in-advance-prix-fixe-menu’ thing feels a little prescriptive to me. I think it’s important to acknowledge the holiday in the way that makes sense for you. This year, my boyfriend and I are going to a low-key mexican restaurant like Bimbos Cantina (tacos and no waiting—my fave!) and then meeting some friends for karaoke. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like singing off-key to ’80s pop music, am I right?”

WEAR: “I’m still a sucker for a guy in heritage brands. Bring the Filson, Pendleton, Levi’s and Red Wings by the truckload. Also love hand-me-down vintage: Throw on your grandpa’s sweater and I’m totally smitten.”

GIVE: “My sixth-grade boyfriend got me a Diptyque candle and wrote me a love note in French. Dude had Jagger moves. [See above.] Now? I wouldn’t say no to a Jennifer Fisher knuckle ring or a new Herschel backpack for my Mac Book.” [Ed. note: Jennifer Fisher is part of our new CFDA/Vogue boutiques.]


Courtesy of Angela S. – Video Producer

GO: “I’m not a fan of dining out for Valentine’s Day, and I’m easily annoyed by forced outings for the sake of the holiday (contrived romance makes me nauseous—there’s probably a scientific term for this somewhere). I think it’s much more enjoyable to have a rich culinary experience at home, where my man is trying to dazzle me with some sort of food concoction that we both can’t pronounce. However, a romantic toast in a helicopter over the city lights wouldn’t be that bad either.”

WEAR: “I love a guy who is (nicely dressed) in his element. What’s sexier than a featherweight T-shirt and his favorite jeans?”

GIVE: “I like gifts from the heart for Valentine’s day. A helping hand, a day of relaxation, or a little pick-me-up that lets you know someone cares. The best gift I ever received along those lines (besides a Spa day) was a really cool rustic canvas print that read ‘good girls rarely make history’—it was such a sweet surprise from the traditional chocolates and flowers. It was truly ME, and still hangs on my wall today.”


Courtesy of Ashley W. – Women’s Site Merchandising

GO: “I think it’s all about putting thought into the experience for your Valentine. I love wine and trying new restaurants, so my perfect date would be some combination of those. One of my favorites recently was Revel in Seattle for dinner in a more fun atmosphere, and I’ve been dying to try Matt’s in the Market for a more romantic spot.”

WEAR: Straight-leg jeans—I think Citizens of Humanity are a great fit on guys for this look—and a jacket with a button-up shirt underneath in a great color or plaid (loving the Calibrate plaid shirts right now; my husband just bought 3 colors, I’m hoping he wears the pink one on V-day!). I’d definitely like to see both the shirt and jacket in a slimmer, more modern fit for going out.”

GIVE: “I feel lucky that my guy is an awesome gift giver. The best part is when he writes in the card about why he chose it, because it gives the gesture even more significance. The most amazing gift I’ve ever gotten from was these Bony Levy diamond earrings, which I wear every day, and still think of what he wrote in that card every time I wear them. The next thing I have my eye on is this diamond-bar necklace, simple and gorgeous but still updated and on-trend.” [Shown above, second from right.]


Courtesy of Deniz A. – MEN’S Site Merchandising

GO: Sitka & Spruce for a date destination. After-dinner drink at Still.”

WEAR: “Something you’re comfortable and confident in. I’d say dark denim with a shawl-collar sweater—or a trim-fit button-down shirt under a cotton blazer. A good chukka boot (in a dressier, dark suede) goes with everything.”

GIVE: “Flowers from Marigold and Mint, next-door to the restaurant.”


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