Romcoms, Slasher Flicks and Damn Fine Coffee

Vying for the attention of a foxy film buff? In the Seattle vicinity and searching for something to do? Or are you simply a cinema-appreciating citizen of the world, with a thirst for knowledge about the latest, greatest, weirdest developments in moving pictures?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you should know: The Seattle International Film Festival (aka SIFF)—the largest and most highly attended fest of its kind—is happening now through June 9.

Think film festivals are too artsy-fartsy? Consider this: Alien (yes, that Alien) world-premiered at SIFF in 1979—

Not sure about you, but that’s most definitely our kind of film festival. Planning a special evening tonight (Saturday, May 18)? If your date is the prim and proper type, try ‘Mad Men’ meets ‘I Love Lucy’ in French romcom Populaire:

[Get tickets for Populaire here.]

…If, on the other hand, the object of your affection has a freaky side, treat him or her to a midnight screening of homegrown horror compilation V/H/S/2:

[Get tickets for V/H/S/2 here.]

As if three weeks packed with 447 SIFF films weren’t awesome enough, the festival includes An Evening with Kyle MacLachlan—complete with a Q&A, screening of the ‘Twin Peaks’ pilot, and reception (we hope they serve black coffee and cremated bacon). Check out SIFF’s tribute to one of our generation’s finest, oddest actors below—along with a choice ‘Twin Peaks’ scene:


For info, showtimes, and to purchase tickets,
visit SIFF’s official website.

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