Nordstrom Fashion Director Jeffrey Kalinksy Celebrates 25 Years in the Biz | Party Pics and Q&A

jeffreykalinsky1Ladyfag, doing the most

Next time you want to throw the party to end all parties, consider making it disco-themed and getting the savior of New York nightlife Ladyfag to host.

That’s how Nordstrom Fashion Director Jeffrey Kalinksy celebrated 25 years of his Jeffrey boutiques, a milestone which occurred recently during New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

The party went down at Jeffrey’s Meatpacking District boutique and the scene centered around queen diva Ladyfag and Honey Dijon, who deejayed while models and fashion insiders danced to the sounds of disco and the clinking of Clicquot-filled flutes. There was much vogueing and merrymaking.

Jeffrey was kind enough to do a quick Q&A the morning after. See that + party pics below–and check out The New York Times’ review of the event here.


Nordstrom blogs: What was your favorite moment of your 25th anniversary party?

Jeffrey Kalinksy: My favorite moment was when people started vogueing.

What does Ladyfag mean to you and to New York?

Ladyfag is the hostess of the coolest events and has a special connection to the world of fashion.

What did you do the morning after the party?

I was at the Vogue/CFDA fashion fund meeting at 8:15 a.m.

I assume you don’t believe NYFW: Men’s is a flash in the pan. How do you think it’s significant?

I think NYFW: Men’s shows how powerful the American men’s fashion business is on a global scale.

What’s the first fashion-related thing you read on a typical day?

The first thing I read every day is WWD online.

What’s one unwavering truth you have learned in a quarter-decade of fashion business?

The unwavering truth of the last 25 years for me is that passion is necessary for success.

Do you think American men are more fashionable today than 25 years ago?

I think American men have always contributed to fashion as a whole–we Americans have always had a unique point of view.

jeffreykalinsky5Jeffrey Kalinksy

jeffreykalinksy3 Honey Dijon


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