Nordstrom Men Talk Denim

Shopping for jeans online has its ups and downs. On the one hand, you have a huge selection of brands and styles to choose from—on the other, you can’t try them on to make sure the size is right. Enter our new, easy-to-use jeans size finder (you’ll find it on the product details page of every pair here).

Just grab two jeans you already own that fit well, type their sizes into the tool, and we’ll give you a size recommendation on a new pair.

To give it a test run, we asked four of our Nordstrom colleagues to try out new jeans based on our size recommendations. Keep reading to hear their thoughts on personal style, work, and of course, the best denim.

Mario, Assistant Buyer
Wearing Hudson ‘Byron’ Straight-Leg Jeans (‘Atlantis’ Wash)

How would you describe your personal style?
“I would say I have a few styles, but I definitely tend to blend traditional and modern. I can’t place myself in one bucket, but I’m big into henleys, jeans and unconstructed sportcoats. The one thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years…I never leave home without my Yankees cap.”

So you’re an assistant buyer—what does that mean? How did you end up here?
“I partner with our vendors and teams to provide our stores with the best product. It’s an exciting challenge, and I’m fortunate to be in the position I’m in. I started on the sales floor in Roosevelt Field [in Garden City, New York]. I never would’ve thought I’d be working in Seattle, within the heart of company. It’s an interesting twist from what I’m used to, but an exciting change, to say the least.”

When it comes to jeans: dark wash, light wash, grey, black—what’s your preference?
“I prefer dark wash, but I own one of each. Each fills a gap in your wardrobe and provides a ton of options. You can’t go wrong with those four basics.”


Matthew, Photographer
Wearing Hudson ‘Byron’ Straight-Leg Jeans (‘Virage’ Wash) 

What’s an average day on-set like for you?
“After getting caffeinated, I talk with the art director about the model and lighting for the day and work with hair and makeup. It’s all about the teamwork—from model to stylist, art director to assistants—to get everything shot beautifully. After a long day of shooting, I recap on what went well, help the digital tech get the set prepped, and get ready for the next day’s shoot.”

What do you look for in a great pair of jeans?
“The first thing is how comfortable they are and how well they fit me. For the most part, I stick with brands that age well as I own them. I have a pair of selvedge Levi’s that I love—they only look better as I wear them. But my everyday go-to is the basic Levi’s 511. They’re well-constructed and hold up after being worn for a long time.”

Tell us a bit about your personal style—what looks do you prefer?
“I’ve been into the denims lately—I’ve been called out for my Canadian Tuxedo on more than one occasion. My wardrobe consists of a lot of classic pieces, and I love the heritage looks that are in right now—simple pieces that look good together, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about.”


Eric, Art Director
Wearing Joe’s ‘Brixton’ Slim-Fit Jeans 

As an art director, what’s a typical day like for you?
“I spend about half my workdays on a photo set. We begin at 8am, meet the models and crew, start hair and makeup, alter any clothes that need fitting, and organize the day. A big part of my day is selecting the best images the photographers and crew provide me. The days I’m not on-set, I work on administrative stuff—boring.”

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans?
“I wear Levi’s a lot. They’re classic, a little bit understated, and come in a wide range of fits. And I grew up in Levi’s. I usually wear 514s or slims. For this photo shoot, though, I was wearing Joe’s. I liked them quite a bit—really comfortable, with a little stretch in the denim.”

What’s your style—what type of looks do you gravitate toward?
“My style is pretty casual—I wear jeans a lot. But I try to put things together so I look professional. One of the perks of my job is that I see a LOT of clothing and see what’s trending. I try to dress to impress my high school- and college-age kids. If they’re embarrassed to be seen with me, I know I’m on the right track.”


Daniel, Buyer
Wearing Nudie ‘Thin Finn’ Skinny-Leg Jeans 

How would you describe your personal style?
“This year, I’ve had a lot of fun transforming my style. I’m leaving heritage behind for minimalism and high-quality basics. A lot of guys have gotten to the point where they’re wearing things comically tight. I’ve been trying to go for simple, longer or looser styles. I’m excited about simple graphics and streetwear for the first time in years—but I save most of that for the weekends.”

What are some of your favorite denim brands?
Nudie Jeans, Baldwin, and Naked & Famous Denim.”

Any new brands we should keep an eye on this year?
“I still haven’t gotten into a pair of Raleigh Denim yet, but I’ve met the couple that makes them, and they’re wonderful. Their jeans are made and hand-numbered in North Carolina.” [Editor’s note: Check out our video interview with the couple behind Raleigh Denim, Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko.]

—  —  —

Ready for those new jeans? Look for our new size-finder tool on the product page of selected pairs. (Hint: it’s in the “Size” area, right below where you select your size.)

Start with our Editor’s Picks below. Great washes, great brands—and each of
these styles features our size finder on its product page.

L-R: Raleigh ‘Martin’ Selvedge | Hudson ‘Blake’ | Levi’s 513Joe’s ‘Brixton’ | Nudie ‘Grim Tim’



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  • dfredman February 25, 2014, 2:01 pm

    Dear Nordstrom marketing team: You sent out an email with the incredibly seductive come-on of “The Right Size Jeans, Every Time” as the headline. I am sick and tired of getting jeans that ALMOST fit, so I click on the link, excited to see what you’ve got that’s the equivalent of my 32″ Levi’s 501s.

    The link takes me to “Shop Jeans”, a page full of all the jeans you sell, all beneath a big banner introducing your new Jeans Finder. I click that, and I’m into a slideshow. Still no Jeans Finder but after scrolling through the slides and I still haven’t found the Jeans Finder, but I click on the link to the blog, assuming that HERE I’ll locate the Jeans Finder. But no, this is a blog post called “Men Talking About Denim.” That’s nice. It’d be a good read of an informative conversation, IF I’VE GOT FIVE MINUTES TO READ THROUGH IT!!

    Hey, guess what, I don’t. I just want to buy some jeans.

    It’s real simple. I wear Levi’s 501s, size 33″ and I need new pants. I’ve got a couple of hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket (which is partially why I need new jeans) and THERE’S STILL NO G–DAMN LINK TO THE JEANS FINDER.

    Intrigued as to how anyone working for Norsdstrom could generate this much copy and STILL NOT GET TO THE POINT, I start the process over, and still am unable to find anything about the Jeans Finder anywhere other than the headline. Finally, down at the bottom where I’d kind of skimmed over before because that’s where the fine print about shipping and taxes usually resides, I notice that there’s a hint to help locate the Jeans Finder, saying: (Hint: it’s in the “Size” area, right below where you select your size.)

    I now know about the jean sizes worn by Mario, Matthew, Eric, & Daniel, BUT I HAD TO TRACK DOWN A HINT TO FIND THE FOCUS OF YOUR WHOLE MARKETING EMPHASIS (ie: the Jeans Finder).

    So, what we have here (as stated in “Cool Hand Luke”) is a failure to communicate. You attract my attention with the offer of a tool that will solve a previously unsolvable question. You take me to your website where you tease me further, eventually forcing me to discover a link to the Jeans Finder at the bottom of the page. THIS IS NOT AN EASTER EGG HUNT!!! YOU ARE TRYING TO GET ME TO USE A SIZING TOOL THAT WILL LEAD ME TO GIVE YOU MONEY FOR CLOTHING!!! Even without doubling back to reread it all, I’m like 8-10 page clicks into this, just trying to find out what you touted in the headline of your email! Do you not have an editor who looks at this stuff and asks obvious questions like “where’s the g–damn link to the Jeans Finder?” Is the copywriter so deep into the meta aspects of their writing style that they feel no compulsion to actually move the customer toward closing the sale? Are they aware of the difference between PR and advertising? If high-school interns are handling your online marketing, I can understand this lapse, because they’re not getting paid and they can thus be idiots, but Nordstom is the class of the field in terms of high-end semi-mass market retailers and one would expect your marketing efforts would be on a similar level.

    Sheesh, Nordstrom is the GREATEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD in terms of their customer service, so why is your online marketing so unthought through? The material (not just the denim, but the content) discussed in the blog is incredibly educational, far better than anything I read in Esquire, Details or GQ. Next time, be smart, show some class, don’t disrespect your customers by devaluing their time, but just put a link to take subscribers to the Jeans Finder (or whatever it is you’re pushing the next time) RIGHT ON THE EMAIL, OR AT LEAST ON THE LANDING PAGE.

    Screw it, I’ll go to Barney’s, where the menswear salespeople may indeed be condescending jerks, but at least they’re good salespeople.

  • Robert February 25, 2014, 6:25 pm

    What I like about jeans – comfort, good fit and jeans that stretch at the waist. Nordsrom’s jeans that retail $150.00 and higher are well worth the price. I NEVER worry about my appearance or feel uncomfortable wearing jeans in place of other fabrics.. Quality jeans never have to be dry cleaned or pressed.

    Nordstrom’s jeans are the most comfortable and best looking jeans I have ever worn.

  • Justin, Blog Editor February 26, 2014, 1:51 pm

    Dear dfredman,
    Thank you for reading, and we thank you sincerely for your feedback as well. We will pass this along to our larger Men’s team, and will take your comments into consideration in future efforts.
    All the best,
    Justin, Men’s Blog Editor

  • annoyed February 28, 2014, 4:41 pm

    ditto what dfredman said. Now I know where to look for the fit finder, or whatever it’s called, no thanks to nordstrom. What a load of marketing s**t…

  • Joseph March 1, 2014, 10:27 pm

    Why don’t the nordstrom stores in North Carolina stock raleigh demin?!?! I’d love to support local people.

  • Eric March 2, 2014, 7:28 am

    I had EXACTLY the same experience as dfredman, including the exact multiple tries to get at “fit finder”; enormous waste of time!

  • Justin, Blog Editor March 4, 2014, 12:47 pm

    Dear Readers,
    To those who have voiced concerns, please see below for a message from our Customer Service team.
    —Justin, Men’s Blog Editor

    Hi dfredman, annoyed, and Eric,
    We are sorry to hear about your experience and would like to offer some assistance by connecting you with one of our Personal Stylists. Once your appointment is booked, you’ll be contacted within 24 hours by one of our stylists and they can assist in helping you find the perfect pair of jeans. If this is of interest, follow this link to make an appointment: Nordstrom Personal Stylists.
    Thank you,
    Nordstrom Customer Service

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