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Attention, all overhead-compartment-stuffing, gym-bag-throwing, clothes-rumpling men and those who love them: Did you see The New York Times wrote about the virtual unwrinkleability of the Todd Snyder White Label suitThat is, the Nordstrom-exclusive Todd Snyder White Label suit? For real, this is the easy choice for a suit for traveling during the holidays or just being on the move in general.

Relevant info from the article from the designer himself, with testimony from NYTimes writer Guy Trebay:

“It used to be that people put Lycra in travel suits so they held their shape,” Mr. Snyder explained with considerable distaste. “Now there are enough ways you can do it within the yarn, twisting it a little bit tighter–almost like loading a spring.”

The yarn woven to produce Mr. Snyder’s newly introduced $795 single-breasted travel suit is so peppy, he claimed, you can wad it up into a ball.

Rather than taking Mr. Snyder at his word, I stuffed the jacket into my gym bag and promptly forgot about it. Days later, I discovered it wedged between a pair of Stan Smiths and some gym shorts. I yanked it out, gave it a quick shake and some airing. Then I put it on and wore it to a business lunch.

There you have it!

Below, read Snyder’s comments from Nordstrom Men’s Shop creative director Andy Comer about Pinterest, architecture, sweatshirts and more.

My Pinterest board’s pretty telling. It’s art, architecture, music. My father was an engineer and my mother was an artist and I didn’t know what I wanted to be growing up. So I decided I wanted to be an architect. I went to school and probably about two years into it I was like, ‘God, I don’t see myself building buildings fast enough to get that instant gratification.’ That’s a big reason why I switched to apparel. I started working on the sales floor and just kinda of fell in love with clothes and started sewing. Really the construction of a garment is parallel to what building a building is. After I taught myself how to sew, I would make myself a shirt on the weekends and wear it the next week. For me, that was fun and a big reason why I got hooked. I was able to make a garment or even just put a garment on a customer and get that instant gratification of, ‘Wow, I look good.’ For me was magic.

London is always where a lot of my ideas come from because I just like how the Brits dress, really mixing the sport in with the tailoring. You’ll have a well-dressed guy but he’ll be wearing a pair of trainers or something. That juxtaposition. Or they’ll be wearing like a sweatshirt, an old Champion reverse weave sweatshirt with dress pants.

For me, to be able to play in someone else’s sandbox is fun. Sitting down with Champion’s Creative Director Ned Munroe [for the Todd Snyder + Champion collection], we were pulling out all of these old vintage styles and it just kind of snowballed. We both got excited about collaborating and then when you see it come to life, when you put something out there that’s new and different, but still recognizable to the brand, it’s music. You see a lot of musicians who do collaborations and I think it brings the art to a new place for both artists.

I’ve really gotten to know who the Nordstrom customer is as far as what his likes and dislikes are, and for the White Label line I really didn’t study it too much. Meaning I didn’t overthink it. I kind of felt like, let me just do a cool, clean, classic line that’s a little slimmer, little shorter, but not too short, not too slim, but just kind of that medium where an older guy can wear it and a younger guy can wear it. I really wanted kind of to have that whole balance between designer and classic. It’s amazing to hear the feedback from the salespeople that we hit the nail on the head.

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