Opening Night: GQ & Nordstrom Men’s Shop

Our NYC pop-up shop collaboration with GQ opened its doors last night. In town from Seattle, our men’s team was there nabbing comp drinks, celebrity spotting, and enjoying some immaculate menswear shopping. More coverage to come, but for now, here’s a first look at what went down opening night at the GQ & Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

UPDATE: The online pop-up shop is now live. Check it out.

CFDA Award winner Michael Bastian.

The library curated by NYC’s best, Dashwood Books.

Aziz Ansari and our event specialist, Flavia.

Custom Ping-Pong table.

Street-style sensei Nick Wooster.

Warby Parker has the coolest glasses at an accessible price point.” —Tommy Fazio

Field Scout designer Ryan Hartman, Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder,
and one of our national merchandise managers, Tina.

Mimosas and pinball.

All in all a good night. More pics to come.

[Photos by Danny Mankin and Melia McGee, Men’s Online Merchandising; Lucinda Carmichael, Men’s Studio Producer; and Lily Wyckoff, Nordstrom Social Media. Follow Nordstrom’s official Instagram.]

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  • Joe September 7, 2012, 12:51 pm

    Hey – all great stuff! Nice to see you doing this creative marketing.

    Just one nit though – you need a better proofreader/editor – the apostrophe is not needed in “it’s” in the opening line above about “opened it’s doors last night”. (To some a small detail not worth mentioning, but to others a dent in the hood of a fantastic performance racecar called Nordstrom!)

  • Justin, Blog Editor September 7, 2012, 4:46 pm

    Joe, good eye, thank you sir.

  • Mitch September 16, 2012, 9:06 am

    Excellent “eye” that Joe has…I was going to make a post regarding the same thing, but didn’t want to seem petty and critical (not that I am suggesting Joe is either of those…). Enjoyed the pictures, and I concur; excellent marketing stategy.

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