Other Music’s Favorite Records: Part 1

New York record store Other Music (15 E 4th St, NYC) is curating a selection of new releases this week at the GQ & Nordstrom Men’s Shop. We’ll be posting notes on Other Music’s favorite records right here, all week long. Check back soon for more.

NUDE BEACH, II (Other Music Recording Co)
“Brooklyn-by-way-of-Long-Island trio Nude Beach plays rootsy pub-rock with precision and ferocity. The records they’ve listened to and love bleed through the speakers, with chords and words that wink and nod toward the last 50 years of pop-minded rock music, and a deep affection for artists like Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Big Star, Bruce Springsteen, the Replacements, Tom Petty and the couldn’t-care-less-itude of the Exploding Hearts.

“What all of these artists have in common is that they make truly great rock-and-roll music, which is actually pretty tough to do. One difficulty comes from two opposing forces that the audience expects: You have to both mean it (sincerity), and you have to not give a damn (attitude). Most rock bands can only muster one or the other, so when both forces meet and explode, it makes for something unique and powerful. II is both heartfelt and full of piss and vinegar, and damn if it doesn’t feel like something really special. Obviously—I mean, we released it on the Other Music Recording Co label.”

—Michael Stasiak for Other Music


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The GQ & Nordstrom Men’s Shop is located at our Treasure & Bond concept store, 350 West Broadway, between Grand and Broome Streets in NYC, September 6–16. Shop the online version.

[Videos and album art courtesy of Other Music Recording Co.]

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