Paris Fashion Week by Joshua Woods

See the shows and street style of Paris Fashion Week through the masterful photographic lens of Joshua Woods. Keep reading for the full gallery—including an up-close look at collections by Paul Smith, Rick Owens, and AMI Alexandre Mattiussi—and if you missed them, catch up on Josh’s photo journals from London and Milan.

A few words from Joshua: “Having come off a great trip to London and Milan and seen some of the best fashion in those two amazing cities, Paris was up next. Not only was I excited to see this romantic city that I’ve seen in many movies and heard great things about through friends; I was also eager to see this superstar lineup of menswear designers.”

From Joshua: “As I hit the ground running, I had the amazing opportunity to check out the Rick Owens show. Owens showed an interesting mix of cowhide and taffeta fabrics on his long, draped garments, which he paired along with rich, leather, knee-high boots. Models wore headscarves that appeared as sophisticated do-rags, showcasing what looked like a refined nun straight out of Compton. Post-show, I had the opportunity to meet the designer’s wife, Michele Lamy, who was phenomenal, and a fellow Harlem native, rapper A$AP Rocky.”

From Joshua: “Moving along throughout the vibrant city, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful architecture, which reminded me of Bernardo Bertolucci’s movie Last Tango in Paris. Very similar to Milan’s infrastructure, much of the beauty existed inside the courtyards that were hidden behind massive doors. I would often find myself being mesmerized by the charming alleyways, which often played host to many small cafés and boutique shops.”

From Joshua: “Heading on over the AMI show, I was anxious to see what designer Alexandre Mattiussi had in store. I first caught wind of this young designer in 2009, when I discovered his shoes at a small boutique down in Miami, Florida. Mattiussi also has an extensive background designing for fashion houses such as Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Dior. Fast forward to 2014, debuting at the Paris Collections, Alexandre’s stage was set: Dim street lanterns were center stage, and the sound of honking cars and street activity were in the distance…”

From Joshua: “As the AMI show came to an end and models took their positions next to the street lanterns, out came a slew of snow, which was stunning, but painfully reminded me of what was waiting for me back home in New York City. The high-end basics collection showcased thick knits, polka-dot sweaters, trenches, and baggy pants, which seemed to be a recurring theme throughout many of this year’s collections.”

From Joshua: “Entering the Paul Smith show, I was sure there was something else going on other than a fashion show. Located at the Bourse de Commerce de Paris, the most impressive dome decorated with frescoes, it was for sure one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Inspired by 1960s rock, Smith displayed a mix of garments imprinted with musical notes, leather pants, trench coats, and my favorite—the short-sleeved tunic. Models walked in a circle on Ardabil Persian rugs to the sounds of ’60s rock music. The main colors were camel, tints of pink, and shades of fuchsia.” [Click small images to enlarge.]

From Joshua: “I had the most amazing time in Paris. The city is filled with beautiful, fashion-forward people and is a great hub for culture. There’s a great food and underground-music scene as well as tons of historical landmarks to see, which gives the city a timeless, classical feel. If I had to choose another place to live other than my hometown of New York City, it would definitely be the city of Paris. Thanks for keeping up with me as I explored Europe for the first time. See you soon! Au revoir!”


Your European guide himself: Photographer Joshua Woods.
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For more, catch up on Joshua’s
photo journals from London and Milan.

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