Patrik Ervell: Form, Function & Manners

Designer Patrik Ervell is a bit of a walking contradiction. Or maybe it all makes sense…

Ervell grew up in the wilds of the California redwoods; studied poly-sci and economics at Cal Berkeley; ditched those fact-based pursuits to create clothes; and finds ways to incorporate wildly utilitarian materials, like sailcloth and drysuits, into his minimalist, tailored aesthetic.

We’d like to believe a man is at his best when he’s well-rounded, and Ervell appears to be just that. A fusion of outdoor exhilaration and studied pragmatism seems to pervade his work, resulting in a deft take on that eternally sought-after apex of form and function. Keep reading to see Ervell’s impeccably cut clothes in action.

Ervell likened this short film, featuring his Fall collection from 2012, to a police academy in an alternate or future world. “Also, watching people fly around in my clothes was pretty amazing,” he said.

This clip for Ervell’s Fall ’13 wares placed the designer’s clean-lined creations in the tranquil woods of his native California.

Runway footage from Ervell’s Spring ’14 (left) and recent Fall ’14 (right) collections portray a continued amalgam of aesthetics and utility. We haven’t yet seen an editorial film like the ones above for Spring ’14—the collection featured in our new Pop-In @ Nordstrom—but we hope one is in the making.

Separate but related, here’s a funny clip from our friends at VFILES, in which Patrik likens society’s social-media learning curve to figuring out the best way to use a fork. We think his Instagram manners are on the right track—and offer a nice further glimpse into the designer’s point of view—as per the collected ‘grams below:

—  —  —

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[Intro photo by Robin Stein.]

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