Prada’s Post-Modern Classics

“Praise is due to the most fly: Prada.” Not that we agree with everything he says, but when a skeptic like Kanye West gives props, you know he means it.

Prada’s latest creations, the ‘Levitate’ footwear collection, are an unexpected mash-up of old-world craftsmanship atop Space Odyssey-inspired see-through soles. We can’t guarantee they’ll help you jump higher—but they are the perfect complement to the futuristic twist on turn-of-the-century villain-wear on display in Prada’s cinematic Fall/Winter 2012 print campaign (shot by David Sims and starring none other than Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe, alongside newcomers Garrett Hedlund and Jamie Bell.)

If you’re not feeling the transparent treads, we carry dozens more immaculate shoe options by Prada—many made in Italy, and offering more subtle degrees of the old-meets-new dichotomy the cutting-edge, century-old fashion house has come to stand for.


Further Viewing: Here’s a video highlighting the kind of meticulous craftsmanship that goes into Prada’s Italian-made masterpieces. And—in case you haven’t seen it—the short film Roman Polanski co-wrote and directed for Prada, starring Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley, and everyone’s favorite exquisite oddball, Helena Bonham Carter.


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