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Here’s a portmanteau for you: athleisure. As in, athletics + leisure.

That’s the overarching topic in this Morning Edition piece by NPR’s Sam Sawyer, in which the journalist analyzes the tonier side of streetwear and zeroes in on the elevated sweatpant. He even visits a Bonobos store and buys himself a pair–and wears them to work. 

Not a bad decision, if styled correctly.

We’re partial to the Bonobos French Terry sweats above. 

Sawyer theorizes this newer, more better-fitting version of the sweatpant is challenging jeans for lower-body real estate in menswear today, and that the elevated sweatpant arrived at its current position through the popularity of streetwear.

We’re feeling like athleisure is less a trend and more a generational shift.

But it’s worth thinking about twice. And regardless, a fun word to say.


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