Throwback Thursday Eve: 15 Things We’d Still Love to Give and Get from 1975

The Nordstrom blogs team has been poking around the vaults for a while now; hopefully you’ve been digging the Throwback Thursday series, and hopefully you won’t mind this special—and early—holiday edition.

The thing is: while thumbing through our 1975 ‘Gift Selector,’ it really hit us. There are things in there that we’d still actually dig unwrapping ourselves and giving to others for the holidays. In fact, it was a pretty hard list to narrow down, but here are the top 15 gifts we’re vibing on for friends and family, guys and gals; ironic, iconic and otherwise.

1. These oversized sunglasses and some versatile silk scarvesso many ways to wear them.

2. This classic trench and those slick and shiny wedge boots.

3. These killer booties. So on-point for the ’60s revival.

4. A comfy, cozy throw-on blanket jacket.

5. This striped maxi skirt and that full midi skirt—we don’t hate those thigh-high Western boots either.

6. This Western-inspired quilted jacket and those trenches are all still looking good for guys.

7. Who wouldn’t want this rad double Old Fashioned glass set with the etched multi-font Christmas tidings?

Vintage floral maxi dress

8. The bright print on that floral maxi dress and nightgown gives us a Dolce&Gabbana rose print vibe.

9. Slipper game on lock.

10. Especially useful while talking on rotary phones: a warm bathrobe or a pajama set.

11. This funky cube pendant necklace with an inset birthstone, or that bird charm necklace with the on-trend turquoise accents.

12. This Enter Chloé perfume by Karl Lagerfeld—from back when he had a different boss.

13. These sporty ski jackets and those colorful beanies (maybe not the matchy bottoms and tops).

14. These Batman and Superman comics-themed tops and those sneakers for kids. Plus, those slippers with our old Nordy mascot (been a while since we last saw that guy).

15. Pretty much everything happening in this picture, but probably most of all that beautiful Afghan hound—who’s every bit as chic as her owner/co-model.

—Jeff Powell

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