Staying Classic w/ Men’s Style Blogger Tim Melideo

Style Profiles. As part of our twice-a-year Men’s Shop Catalog, we profiled 3 real men of style and substance. Here, photographer and menswear blogger Tim Melideo.

Tim Melideo has taken #OOTD to a new level: The shots on his menswear blog, Stay Classic, go well beyond the run-of-the-mill mirror selfie. There are two reasons behind that: 1) He and his wife are both professional photographers, and 2) Tim has an eye for elevating everyday menswear, masterfully mixing patterns and textures to create relatable yet inspirational looks. Keep reading to learn about Tim’s influences, his go-to clothing picks, and the biggest mistake he sees guys make when it comes to style.

Getting inspired. “I’m really influenced by the ’50s and ’60s. The age of cinema, Mad Men…That whole idea of dressing up because it’s just what you do, not because you have to. It’s a romanticized view of how people interact, but at the root, it’s about respecting yourself and others.”

His mission. “My blog is about how to buy into classic style on a budget. My wife usually takes the photos; then I edit. It’s just shots of me wearing what I like to wear. People ask me for advice constantly. ‘I only have $100—how can I get the most out of it?’ Or, ‘I’m just starting college—what are the go-to pieces I need?'”

Biggest style mistake guys make. “Fit. I wear slimmer clothes because I happen to be a slimmer guy. I don’t wear clothes that are ‘too tight.’ No matter your build, you need to wear clothes that fit you properly.”

His go-to essentials. “Dark-blue jeans; a blue or grey oxford; a pair of wingtips; Ray-Bans. Sometimes I’ll dress it up with a tie or a blazer or a different pair of pants, but I’m basically wearing some variation of this every day.”

Get the Look: Shop the items Melideo wore for our catalog photo shoot.

L-R: Ted Baker London Trousers | Cole Haan Wingtips | Original Penguin Shirt
Ray-Ban Clubmasters | Grayers Sweater

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