Street-Art Homage: Keith Haring x Obey

The captionless photo above appeared on Obey’s official blog last month—announcing, without saying a word, an upcoming collaboration with legendary New York street artist Keith Haring (1958-1990).

Haring’s work is some of the most instantly recognizable of the ’80s, and possibly all time. After moving to NYC in 1978 at age 19, his first public attention came from chalk drawings in subway terminals. With a style that artist and Obey founder Shepard Fairey described as “refined but primitive, deliberate buy lyrical and energetic,” much of Haring’s work sought to raise awareness of important social issues of his time, including drug abuse, AIDS, and apartheid.

Untitled, 1982 (via)

Boy on Dolphin, 1986 (via)

Growing #4, 1988 (via)

Medusa, 1986 (via)

Keith Haring À Paris, 1986 (via)

Untitled, 1984 (via)

BMW Z1, 1990 (via)


The first T-shirt in the series is available now—and pictured below, along with an untitled 1983 piece that gives the shirt design some added context. (via)

Check back for more on Keith Haring x Obey in the coming weeks—we’ll introduce a new item about once a month.

In the meantime, hear Shepard Fairey’s thoughts on Haring’s legacy in the video below, and view dozens more inspired works at the Keith Haring Foundation’s official site.


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