Summer Occasion Guide: Backyard BBQ

Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and listen to, and marinate with—on the auspicious (and happily, pretty much inevitable) occasion of a backyard barbecue. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: cocktails on the patio and burgers on the lawn.

Wear: A print that says, “I’m officially off the clock.” Shorts that hit above the knee. A stingy brim, jauntily cocked.
Drink: Sriracha micheladas and the Official Drink of Austin.
Don’t Forget: To load up your iPhone with summer jams to stream on this Bluetooth speaker.

Pictured Above: Altru Flamingo Shirt | Ray-Ban Clubmaster | Glory Hats by Goorin Fedora
1901 Shorts | Otis & Eleanor Wireless Speaker
Barbuzzo Ping Pong Flasks | Izola Shot Glasses | Converse Jack Purcell Sneakers
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L: Click the image to see the texture of these wooden Shwood shades (top right) up close.
R: This wireless, wooden speaker is part of our new Pop-In Shop, curated by L.A. boutique/gallery Poketo.
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L: Don’t fear the ’50s kitsch. This print is refined enough to channel Don Draper—season 1.
R: These unbreakable stainless-steel shot glasses, sporting a Spanish toast, are ideal for outdoor mixology.
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L: Backyard attire doesn’t get more on-point than crispy white sneakers designed by a badminton champ.
R: Check out the unseen details of our in-house brand, 1901 (named for the year Nordstrom first opened).
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—  —  —

Wear: A button-down that classes up your favorite team shirt. Sandals that don’t belong in the shower room. A camp watch to time your grilling maneuvers with precision.
Drink: An IPA or two before switching to easy-drinking cans.
Don’t Forget: To mess with Texas. Stubb is the man. Read more grilling tips here.

Pictured Above: Fog Linen Work Tray | Wallin & Bros. Short-Sleeve Madras Shirt
SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses | Jack Spade Camp Watches
Areaware Bottle Opener | Wallin & Bros. Sandals
[Vince cargo shorts and grenade water balloons available at selected stores.]

L: Another one of our in-house brands, Wallin & Bros. is named after John Nordstrom’s business partner.
R: This sturdy apron is made of Lithuanian linen that only gets better with time.
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L: Leftover fireworks will keep the kids (big and small) entertained while you marinate. And don’t be afraid to put a little extra mustard on the water balloons you chuck their way.
R: These tortoiseshell Supers are handcrafted in Italy with Zeiss lenses.
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L: Keep track of caps with Areaware’s magnetic bottle opener.
R: Our exclusive labels don’t skimp on quality. These leather slides are made in Italy.
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—  —  —

…Now that you’re properly equipped, we encourage you to:


[Photos by Justin Abbott.
Styling by Justin Abbott & Jodi Taylor.]

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