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If you’re a person who is alive, chances are you’ll be tuning into Superbowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, to watch Cam Newton and the Panthers take on Peyton Manning’s Bronco squad.

Whether you’re gearing up to support your team at a local watering hole or planning to cater a living room party (pro tip: make these wings) you may require pieces game-day pieces of flair.

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Super Bowls are anxiety-inducing! Secretly sweat in style with these polos, equipped with DryTec moisture wicking technology for when you’re inwardly freaking out but outwardly bro-ing down and keeping it together.


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See above but this is for when you live in a colder place.


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Shop: Panthers cufflinks | Broncos cufflinks

Let’s get down to business here. Any fair-weather fan can rock a hat or hoodie, but the real devotees sport team watches and cuff links with their French cuff shirts.




Shop: cooler | barbecue set | cheese board & knives

Why does this Picnic Time cooler rule? It fits 12 beers, looks like one giant beer–and you can sit on it. Picnic Time also makes a set which includes tongs, a large fork, a spatula, an oven mitt–even a chef’s hat to let everyone know who’s grill-master–and a lustrous rubberwood cheese board, engraved with the official team logo of your choice. This all sends a clear message: you take your football and your food & drink situation seriously. As well you should.

–Brad Nehring

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